January 16,2018

TX Holdings Inc.


TX Holdings’ recent diversified product lines now includes: Rail, Rail Products, Mining supplies and our new product “The Bag Rack”. Our success in these lucrative markets has shown huge potential for increasing our market share and higher profitability.

Our goal is to maximize our market share in the mining supply industry by increasing customer satisfaction through reliable sourcing of quality products at competitive pricing. Our exclusive right over “The Bag Rack” provides the Company with the unique opportunity to introduce an accessory item to the automobile industry, with high anticipation of customer demand and profitable margin. Beginning January 2015 we intend to market “The Bag Rack” in various retail outlets, as well as through online distributors.

TX Holdings, Inc. has partnered with several vendors with arrangements, with which TX Holdings, Inc. expects to gain a larger market presence in the mining supplies as well as the automobile accessory business. Our continued efforts are directed to expanding our customer base and reducing our product cost resulting in higher returns and increased shareholder value.


William "Buck" Shrewsbury