January 19,2018

Market Wired

Marketwired provides news distribution and social communication solutions to public relations, investor relations and marketing professionals who represent companies of all sizes, from start-up to Fortune 500. By sharing market-moving, direct-from-source information with media, investors, social networks and consumers anywhere in the world, Marketwired plays a pivotal role in connecting news makers with news consumers.

We partner with you to provide a targeted news experience that helps you discover better ways to create and share your news with the people who influence your brand and impact your business.

Forward-thinking Communication
An innovator since our founding in 1983, Marketwired has changed the way companies do business with breakthroughs like social media releases, embedded multimedia, simultaneous distribution of news to traditional and social channels, and the ability to create content shaped by social media insights.

Customer-centric Solutions
From media and influencer targeting to news distribution, newsroom hosting, and reporting, we build each Marketwired solution from the ground up in collaboration with our customers to ensure it works the way you work, gives you a competitive edge, and meets your evolving needs.

Market Intelligence and Impact
We help our customers become more effective communicators. Reporting and analytics tools, powered by the Sysomos social intelligence engine, deliver deeper audience and market insight so you can create more impactful content and accurately measure your ROI.

President and CEO

Adnan Ahmed

100 N. Sepulveda Boulevard Suite 325
El Segundo, CA 90245