January 17,2018

KYN Capital Group Inc

Business Segments:

Real Estate Investment – We provide asset-based loans for companies and individuals that provide adequate, and suitable collateral for a loan. The loan amounts range from a minimum of, $250,000. to a maximum of, $100 Million+. Under our equipment-leasing service, we extend credit, arrange financing, leasing, and/or rental of, automobiles, computer hardware, industrial mining equipment, construction equipment, airplanes, yachts, hauling vessels, and specific custom-orders.
Real Estate Acquisitions - KYN Capital Group specializes in acquiring real estate under market value, and the equity that is available is taken out as capital to be re-invested. Our realty acquisitions allow us an opportunity to re-deploy our equity capital to build asset value, and generate residual income from real estate, collateralized loans, and equipment leases combined.
Asset-Based Lending – We offer “real estate synthetic leases” where we acquire a target asset for a client, and then lease the asset to the client under a favorable lease.


Danmei Cai