January 17,2018


At IXICO we put patients at the heart of what we do.
Established in 2004, our innovative technologies help those involved in researching and treating serious diseases to make rapid decisions and improve patient outcomes. While our clinical focus is predominantly dementia, we also support clinical studies for other disease areas in the field of neuro-degeneration and beyond.
What do we do?
At IXICO we work with many of the leading pharmaceutical companies providing clinical trial services and technology to evaluate imaging endpoints as part of their drug development pipelines. We have a dedicated team of project managers, site managers and image analysts working across all phases in disease ranging from Alzheimer's Disease to Prostate Cancer to Liver Disease.
Our R&D team work on more experimental projects and the development of medical device and data management technologies.
How is our technology used?
Our pioneering medical image management and analysis products are used by the global pharmaceutical industry to select patients for clinical trials and to assess the safety and efficacy of drugs in development.
Our proprietary technologies – TrialWire™ and TrialTracker™ – have been used in the collection of patient data from more than 400 hospital sites worldwide in several of the largest clinical trials of Alzheimer’s disease treatments.
How are we developing our products?
The end-to-end imaging services we offer are intended to support an increasingly personalised approach to medicine and treatment. As such, we are translating the proprietary technology which has been widely used in clinical trials into decision-support tools for the diagnosis of dementia.
These products, including our new medical device, Assessa®, will assist healthcare professionals to provide earlier, differential and accurate diagnosis that can match patients to the most appropriate treatment.
When positive, this should enable patients to access the treatment and support they need to extend their independent life. When negative, it can reassure them that dementia is not the cause of their symptoms.
In the short video below, Derek Hill, CEO of IXICO plc, describes IXICO's business and our vision for the future.


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