January 17,2018

Excelsis Investments Inc

Development for the Stealth card began in 2012 when the company founder and CEO, Brian McFadden, observed financial institutions moving to RFID technology to transmit transactions via credit cards. While the embedded RFID-chip cards make it more secure to conduct business, it also creates a new opportunity for identity thieves and electronic pickpockets who with simple, off-the-shelf electronic equipment can steal the holder’s personal information.

The inspiration for the Stealth card came from military and cell phone technologies which drove the development of miniature antenna design. He turned to his father, who has numerous U.S. and International patents, most in the fields of RF shielding and antenna technology. Together they came up with a solution that would protect the consumer from RFID hackers, making the RFID credit card as stealth to skimmers as the stealth aircraft is to radar.


Brian Mcfadden