January 17,2018

Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc

Enumeral is discovering and developing novel antibody immunotherapies that help the immune system attack diseased cells. Our unique platform allows us to identify and characterize promising new drugs relevant to cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases, giving us the potential to positively affect millions of patients who are underserved by current therapeutic alternatives.

The core technology behind our platform was developed at and licensed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and Massachusetts General Hospital. Our human-driven immunoprofiling platform enables us to extensively interrogate the human immune microenvironment to identify and validate potential drug candidates.

Our platform enables us to study rare immune cells from human patients at high resolution and measure drug effects in a patient-specific, disease-specific manner. Harnessing The Power of Human™, our platform provides a basis for developing best-in-class product candidates from a fundamental understanding of how immunotherapies work in each patient. Our vision then is to use this human-derived knowledge to better predict which antibody drug candidates are most likely to be effective in a targeted group of patients, with the goals of reducing side effects and accelerating the drug discovery process. Our discoveries will not only be valuable for the development of therapeutic antibodies but also as potential diagnostic products.


Arthur H. Tinkelenberg, Ph.D

(617) 945-9146