January 16,2018



Cyprium Mining acquires, operates and develops past producing mines located in Mexico. When selecting projects, Cyprium has as key criteria the possibility of the mine being brought back into production in the short-term and the mine having significant exploration potential. Cyprium utilizes traditional, proven small-scale production techniques in the short-term to generate cash flow. This cash flow will in great part fund the systematic development and exploration of the mine through modern equipment and techniques. Cyprium is committed to maximizing the potential of these projects by funding exploration programs mainly through cash flows generated by production instead of funding such programs strictly through equity offering thus limiting shareholder dilution.

Cyprium prioritizes projects which are easily accessible and close to large urban centers. Cyprium Mining holds a 53% controlling interest in a joint venture (the "Joint Venture") which owns: (i) the exclusive exploitation and exploration rights of the Potosi silver mine located in the historic silver rich mining district of Santa Eulalia in Mexico; (ii) the exclusive rights of possession, usage and operations to the San Guillermo processing facility which is located seven kilometers from the Potosi silver mine; as well as (iii) all of the exclusive exploration and exploitation rights to a property adjacent to the south of the Potosi silver mine known as La Chinche.

The Joint Venture was entered into in October 2015 and has a term of twenty-years Cyprium also has the exclusive use of a 100 metric tons per day flotation plant located twenty kilometers outside the City of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico (the "Aldama Plant"). Cyprium has the exclusive use of the Aldama Plant under a five year agreement with its owner during which Cyprium will use the Aldama Plant on a variable cost basis. Cyprium will purchase mill feed for its own account and will be responsible for the supervision of all metallurgic processes, including quantitative chemical analysis, assaying of samples, determining feed grades and the sale of concentrates (see October 1st, 2014 news release). Cyprium recently announced its plans to double the capacity of the Aldama plant before the end of 2015. Cyprium also owns 51% of Coyame Copper SA de CV ("Coyame Copper"), a Chihuahua, Mexico based mining exploration company and has an option to increase its stake in Coyame Copper to 70% for a consideration of US$1.2 million payable over a period of eighteen months following the exercise of the option.

Coyame Copper’s Las Cristinas Project consists of four adjacent exploration concessions (Las Cristinas, La Parrita, La Verde and La Lagrimosa) covering 684 hectares.


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