January 19,2018


BioCube, Inc. is a biotechnology company that seeks to identify, mentor and facilitate the development of technologies, products and services for medical and biological applications.

The CannaSens Delta9 is a user-friendly device that can detect the presence of THC in the breath of an individual who has smoked marijuana within several hours prior to being tested.

Delta9 utilizes IMS, PID or GC-Column detection technologies to analyze the breath sample collected from an individual exhaling into a tube attached to the device. As the sample passes through the device, it is ionized and the resulting molecules undergo complete analysis, with the target substances detected and identified. Any resulting concentration levels are calculated and displayed on an LCD screen. Communication with an external computer or a data collection/exchange server is accomplished via a USB port. The Delta9 device is also capable of sounding an alarm once the concentration level reaches preset limits.

Delta9 key characteristics:

  • real-time analysis

  • high sensitivity in low parts per billion range

  • superior selectivity and cross sensitivity rejection

  • direct analysis without the use of other devices

  • low operating cost, no consumables

  • On July 27, 2014,BioCube, Inc. (the "Company") entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Innovative Holdings, Inc., a New Jersey corporation ("Innovative"), whereby the Company agreed to purchase from Innovative certain assets in exchange for 2,000,000 restricted common shares of the Company and a convertible promissory note in the amount of $25,000 (the "Agreement"). The specific assets related to mobile applications for patients of medical marijuana facilities in Canada and the United States, as follows:
    Two (2) separate mobile applications for providing medical marijuana patients in legal states within the United States, and through out Canada to locate nearby doctors, dispensaries and rate and review strains with a touch of your finger. The US based app also provides state-by-state current legislation, how to qualify for a medical marijuana 10 card and how a patient can take action by contacting their local advocacy group to get involved;
    All franchises, licenses, permits, consents, authorizations, approvals, and certificates of authority of any administrative or regulatory body found in Innovative's name;
    All proprietary rights, proprietary knowledge, know-how, designs, processes, trademarks and copyrights which Innovative owns or has a right to use in the operation of its business and all filings, registrations or issuances of any the foregoing with or by any federal, state, local or foreign regulatory, administrative or governmental office in connection therewith; and all other contracts, and other agreements, contract rights, purchase orders, policies and understandings, whether oral or written, to which the Innovative is a party, and used in conducting the business and operations of the Innovative.
    Per the terms of the Agreement, the Company did not assume any of the debts and/or liabilities of Innovative attached to the Assets. Based upon the quoted market price at the time of the execution of the Agreement, the aggregate purchase price is approximately $45,000.00. As a result of the Agreement, the Company owns informational software through mobile applications.
    Although the purchased Assets do provide real data on medical marijuana, the applications in no way, in no capacity facilitate any sale or trafficking of medical or recreational marijuana.

    On August 22, 2014,BioCube, Inc. (the "Company") entered into an Agreement with IUT Medical GmbH, a Berlin Germany corporation ("IUT-M"), to form a USA-based Joint Venture ("JV") entity for the purposes of commercialization the Marijuana Breath Analyzing Device ("Device") being developed by IUT-M on the basis of already existing systems offered by IUT-M (the "Agreement").

    The specific terms of the Agreement are as follows:

    JV will receive ownership and exclusive world-wide license to the Device from IUT-M
    BioCube ownership in JV 51%
    IUT-M ownership in JV 49%
    IUT-M is entitled to 2.5% royalty payments on products sold by JV
    IUT-M will receive 1,000,000 shares of BioCube, currently trading on OTC Stock Exchange
    JV to be transition into a stand alone public entity via spin-off in 9-18 months after the initial product sales.


    Paul Lisak


    (631) 204-8180