January 16,2018

Applied Energetics
Innovative Ultrafast Lasers and Particle Beam Systems


We deliver uniquely capable high power systems of unsurpassed quality to fulfill customer requirements

  • Ultra Short Pulse Laser systems with high average power and high pulse energy

  • Solid state high voltage and particle accelerator systems that are fault tolerant and compact

  • Our industrial systems enable new processes and products that benefit our customers, while our military systems are saving lives on the battlefield

    From the company's inception, a detailed and thorough understanding of Ultra-Short Pulse (USP) lasers, has been required to advance the concept of Laser Guided Energy. As the result of over seven years of discovery, research, and development, Applied Energetics has over forty patents awarded or pending. We now offer our technology developed for demanding filamentation research for industrial, scientific, and other defense applications.


    George P. Farley

    4585 S. Palo Verde Road Suite 405 Tucson, AZ 85714


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