January 19,2018

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The New York State Department of Labor Reinterprets Wage Deduction Laws

Brokers and Employers Take Note! Any employee knows that there is a difference between his “gross” pay and his “net” pay. Employers withhold Federal taxes, State taxes, FICA (social security), Medicare, and other deductions. cheap car rental The regulations covering this are well established; such deductions are rarely grounds for contention. On occasion, however, brokers more »

Eco Building Products

A Whole NewMeaning to “Painting the Town Red” When you think of wood, fire engine red might not be the first color that comes to mind. This, however, might soon change. The California-based company Eco Building Products, (ECOB), makes a wood protection treatment that transforms wood to a color as bold as their ambition: to more »

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Small Cap Latest Featured Article

DEAL-A-DAY SITES ACTIVE IN INDIA It wasn’t our first choice of schools, but we had a Groupon for it, so what the hell. Deal-a-Day Sites Active in India Bindaas Bargain ( Snapdeal ( Grabbon, a Bangalore-based buy site, was recently bought by Snapdeal. Taggle ( Mydala ( – seems focused largely on Delhi and more »